It's holiday season but... more importantly...

Yup, it's that time of the year again! Christmas is only one week away! Between life and work and shopping, time just flew by... Well, while thinking over who's christmas gift I have left to get it dawned on me that my birthday is only a month away!! ...Time to start planning and most importantly... get my birthday outfits!! You may think, "what's the rush, you have an entire month", but let's be real, we all know it's one thing to have an idea of what you want to wear, and a completely different thing to find the exact pieces you want!!
I've been loving alot of Christian Dior's items in the fragrance & makeup departments (that's for another post) so I automatically thought to check out this years Fall/Winter collections for some ideas...LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Now of course I still have some more looking around to do but this was definitely a good start!!

Love all 3 of these Christian Dior outfits!
My legs may freeze but it's all in the name of fashion!

These are actually from the Balmain Collection but it caught my eye for something more punk.
Love it!

And of course, you can't forget something classy with a touch of swank!
(Not sure whose line this is from but I love the pieces)

That's all for now.

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