Crack Is Wack!

I'm sure every little girl has had the experience of their mom fighting to comb through their hair. Whether you had knaps or curls, it all felt the same...just someone trying to rake a comb through your tangled hair! Then the day came when they would sit you down by the stove with a hot comb, to make your life (and theirs!) a little easier, but let a humid/rainy day come... you were screwed and it was back to the stove! 
Then you got a little older and started doing your hair yourself and realized it was still the same struggle to maintain it, and a light bulb goes off. The answer to all your hair woes encased in a tiny container! So off to the salon you go and out you leave with beautiful, shiny, straight tresses. You even think to yourself, "why didn't I think of this before?!"
So the months go by, you get your routinely touch-ups and everything is great until you notice, your hair isn't as full as it once was... or it's shedding a lot more than before, or breaking for no apparent reason so you can no longer go that extra month between touch-ups... And then it finally hits you, your hair is on crack... the creamy crack!

Of course everyone's natural hair journey begins a little differently, but for the most part we're all looking for the best way to nourish our hair with the best products (& prices) with the least effort. If you transitioned like I did, you may have noticed that it took a little (ok a lot!) more effort than it did with a relaxer to maintain your hair. I can admit, when I first stopped relaxing my hair, I did not intend on wearing my hair curly all the time. So I cheated and flat ironed my way through until my hair was at my desired length to cut the relaxer off. Because of this I wasn't very careful with it, then the day came where I was ready for my wash & go.. While it looked fine, I couldn't understand why a section of my hair was longer than the other, I assumed whoever I went to for a trim did a terrible job and ignored it. A few months later, wore it out again, and I realized, it wasn't a bad trim, it was simply that a small section of my hair on the side wasn't curling up as much as the rest. Sigh to my dismay... I had fallen prey to every natural girl's nightmare... Heat Damage! Will I be chopping it off? Umm NOO, not never!! lol I'm taking it as a lesson learned and working with what I have until that part grows out. Maybe one day I'll be inspired to do layers and cut most of that section off... But kodos to those who have done the BC! :-)


  1. I like my hair, no relaxer for 25 years

    1. lol umm I saw you that year you got a texturizer...


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