My DevaCut at DevaChan Salon

After going natural in 2007, I was still straightening my hair regularly and would simply just go to my local hair salon for minor trims whenever I felt it was needed. So when I was finally ready to get a proper cut to show off my curly tresses; I wanted to make sure wherever I went would do me right, and so the search began... A few salons in the area came up but one stood out to me the most, DevaChan. 
Why? Because they use all natural products, DevaCurl, and have a special way to cutting & coloring curly hair. Plus I saw they received amazing reviews for their cuts. So I checked out their site and was excited to make an appointment. Their customer service reps were so helpful and had me so excited to go.
So the day finally came and I headed to the salon. First off, let me say, this is not your ordinary hair salon. When you walk in, you feel like you're in a spa. I walked to the front desk, checked in and was told to go to the side where I was given a robe and asked if I'd like something to drink.  To myself, I'm thinking, "a robe? Drinks? To do my hair? Niiiice!" I was so ready to begin! 
Now on to my hair cut. My stylist was very friendly and knowledgeable. She filled me in on the needs of my hair and how I should care for it moving forward. She listened to my wants for the type of shape I wanted and she snipped away. Once she was done cutting, she sent me to the washing area and what did I see? Beds! I layed down and the lady started washing my hair, looking back I can understand why there were beds and not chairs, I must have layed there for about 40 mins. She took her time washing and finger-detangling my curls while answering my questions & explaining their washing technique. After a while I started getting restless. I was ready to get up. lol So finally we went to the styling area and they put me under the dryer for a few minutes. 
Now you would think after all this that I'd be in love with my hair at the end. But I wasn't. I expected the stylist to stretch out the tight curls and loosen them up into an actual style. But she didn't. Instead she said that it would loosen on it's own throughout the next few days, which I'll admit, it did. And it looked pretty good. But I still would've liked to see how they would've styled it so I could have a better idea. But I realized after, that they're not about "styling" they're simply about natural curls. I suppose I can't be too upset,most of the reviews I read/saw said that they didn't like the styling either. -__- 
Anyway, overall this is a great salon and a great experience. I was very pleased with my hair cut and the service I received. I was actually able to have 5 good hair days & minimal frizz with this wash. I could have actually pushed it to 6 days but it was POURING outside and I had a wedding to go to... definitely wasn't willing to take that chance lol

Day 1 ( August 2011)
Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


  1. Hi. Thanks for the great review of DevaChan. Your curls look lovely. If all goes well, I plan to get my hair cut there at the end of April. Hope I have similar satisfactory results.

    1. Hi! Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I'd love to know how it goes for you in April when you visit DevaChan!


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