**My Current Regimen**

Updated: 11/23/14

Hair Care
Daily Regimen:
Before I style my hair I follow a basic routine which consists of cleansing, detangling and deep conditioning:
  • Cleansing: I wash my hair in a few sections with a sulfate-free shampoo. (If time permits, I pre-poo my hair with any oil or conditioner of choice and/or massage my scalp with Tea Tree oil before washing)
  • Detangling: While hair is still sectioned, apply a rinse-out conditioner; detangle & rinse
  • Deep Conditioning:  DC once a week; use a protein conditioner/treatment as needed (about once every 5 weeks or so for maintenance or right before I get a color touch up)
  • Co-Washing: Between washes I detangle with a rinse-out conditioner or a cleansing conditioner (if switching products) in order then style.
    • Wash & Go's: (Leave-In & Styler & Finisher)
      I apply the leave-in through-out my hair and apply my styler using the shingling (finger combing) & smoothing method then apply my finisher on top. I then allow my hair to air dry or diffuse & fluff as needed once dry.
    • Twist/Braid outs: (Leave-In  & Styler & Sealant)
      I apply my leave-in conditioner and styler of choice on each section, twist/braid hair and apply a sealant. I then sit under my hooded dryer for about an hour or until completely dry. Once twists/braids are completely dry, I rub some oil/pomade in my hands and take down the twists/braids and separate as much as needed to get the look I want that day.
Night-time Routine:
    • Wash & Go'sBefore bed I pull my hair up in a pineapple towards the front of my head or a very low ponytail then tie a satin scarf loosely around my hair. In the morning I take my hair out, shake shake shake then massage my roots to get all the hair to come back down and pick out as needed.
    • Twist/Braid outs:
      I use the pineapple method to preserve a twist/braid out whenever possible. But if I do need to re-twist, I spritz my hair with water, add product to my hair (if needed), twist in a few twists/braids, tie-up for the night and take down in the morning.

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