My Hair Rules Salon Experience

So 7 months had passed and it was time for my next hair cut! :-) The first time I had a cut, I was playing it safe, just wanted a shape up so I could begin my curly hair journey.
But this time around I was amped & ready to go! I don't know why I was so excited to cut my hair but I was. lol My hair had grown a lot in the past few months and I'd been straightening my hair for most of the winter so while it still looked good in my wash and go's, my section with a looser curl pattern was a clear inch longer. Before this, at the DevaChan salon, my stylist didn't cut my hair the same length on both sides since it was my first time doing a curly style and she wanted to be sure that it wasn't mild heat damage that would spring back after taking proper care of it. After seeing  no change, I was ready to even it all out and if I didn't go to a stylist soon, I would have cut it myself! TRUST ME! Being that I'm now more experienced with the do's and don'ts of my hair, I was looking forward to getting some layers so I could start off fresh again with a more voluminous style. Simply put, I had high hopes to start off Spring with a banging haircut!
My salon of choice this time around was HairRules. But just to be sure that this is where I wanted to go, I set up a consultation to get a feel for the people as well as their thoughts on what I should do with my hair. When I first walked in, I thought to myself, "wow this is no DevaChan" since it is smaller with a simple modern feel. But really that didn't matter to me; the salon had a warm feel to it, everyone was very pleasant and ready to help. I waited for about 5 minutes and was then brought to sit with Dickey. Needless to say, Dickey was very polite and I asked him what he thought of the current status of my hair & what would be the best route to take with the heat damage, etc. After he reconfirmed the thoughts I currently had for my hair, I was sold. I scheduled my appointment which was an entire week away and waited... Ugghh! week later....

The day had come and my huge 4-day old wash & go hair & I showed up ready to cut! I had another consultation with Dickey & Monique (my stylist) before she began. We decided on multiple layers at the top to take away the boxed shape my hair was creating when I wore it big and to even out the ends of my hair while retaining as much length as possible.
She began with the Daily Cleansing cream & Quench conditioner, after that she applied the  Nourishment Leave-In then began to blow dry my hair to cut it. I was nervous at first since I didn't want to end up with an uneven cut again but she reassured me that with the layers it wouldn't be to noticeable.

After cutting she rinsed out my hair and applied the Hair Rules Curly Whip then sat me under the dryer. When she was done styling my hair and loosening up the cast that most products dry your hair in, my hair felt so light (in a good way); if I wasn't looking in the mirror, I would have sworn that I had no hair on my head. The Curly Whip gave me a nice defined elongated look without a heavy firm hold feel. 

Overall, I am so happy I went to HairRules. I love my cut & have embraced my random looser curl pattern. Since then, I've gone back for my 12-week maintenance cut (June 2012) and once again Monique did not disappoint. I even went ahead and had a color correction process done with Aimee so I could change up my color entirely in the next couple months and I was very happy with those results. It felt great to speak with stylists that know what they're talking about and aren't afraid to tell you what is best for your hair at that particular time. They listen to your wants and expectations then let you know what you can expect during your visit. No surprises. My color corrective dye is fading nicely so I'll have to go back soon to finally color it. Can't wait!!

Anywho, that about sums up my visit.

For more information on the Hair Rules Salon click here

Until next time... 

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