Review: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Collection

Hair Milk Shampoo: "A nourishing sulfate-free shampoo for the type of hair that needs it mostcurls! Cuts frizz, gently removes dirt, oil and product build-up. Made with essential oils plus Vitamin E to help condition the scalp and keep moisture inside. Gives your curls what they need for that healthy, bouncy look."

Hair Milk Conditioner: "Indulgent, penetrating, moisture treatment restores your curls while supporting healthy-looking, natural curls definition. Made with essential oils plus Pro-vitamin B5 and Biotin to help replenish and strengthen hair with the natural nutrients it’s thirsting for, leaving your curls under controlwhich is where they belong."

Hair Milk Original (styler): "Quenching, fast-absorbing lotion that defines, tames and restores luster to natural curls while conditioning. Made with essential oil of Lemongrass, Vitamin C and Apricot Kernel Oil for bouncy, soft, yet completely manageable curls"

Review: Based on what I look for in my "wash & go" products, this was just okay. I wasn't in love with it. The shampoo and conditioner didn't give me that soft silky feel that I've grown to love but it did moisturize, soften, cleanse and detangle my hair. From the moment I put the Original Hair Milk in my hair and diffused, I could tell this wouldn't do much for my hair in terms of 2nd day hair, so I pinned it up in a style and wore it like that for the day. It did make my hair look very shiny and soft and defined which made it easy to style, however it didnt have the kind of frizz control and hold I'd need to wake up the morning the next morning with bouncy curls. Maybe if I do my hair in the morning I could get a good day of hair, but based on how soft it felt, I personally don't think my hair would have made it to the end of the day.
Overall: While these particular products scent didn't wow me, they did perform! If Carol's Daughter would release a gel to put on top of this, I'd be sold on it. I'll probably try one of their leave-in's and a twisting creme/butter next time and see how that goes. I think I will have better luck. Maybe from the Tui line?? I just love how that line smells! Mmm...
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