Review: Oyin Handmade Hair Dew & Honey Hemp

this creamy, conditioning leave-in is light enough for every day. it's great on 'naked' hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair all the way through your hair care cycle.
looking for a product to wake up and moisturize your 'second day hair'? looking for a way to make your hair pliable enough to re-style without a full rinse? just want to refresh your coils and curls and give them a shot of moisture before sealing? this leave-in is your answer! plays well with other oyin leave-ins and stylers.

Honey-Hemp Conditioner is a penetrating, silky, detangling multipurpose conditioner, enriched with aloe vera gel, hemp oil, honey, and just a touch of hydrolyzed silk protein. (this is not your high protein rebuilding conditioner; we use just enough to make it silky ;o) HH has got great detangling slip and serious moisturizing power. It rinses cleanly and also makes a nice pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment. (add oil or extra honey for superior DC power!) It can even be used as a creamy, nourishing leave-in!

Now don't be fooled by the fact that the Hair Dew is a lightweight conditioner. It goes on light and absorbs almost instantly, yet it keeps the hair moisturized all day long. And it works great underneath all the styler's I currently own.

I've tried using it as a 2nd day refresher for work and quickly learned that less is more. I put some of this in my hair the night before and woke up with moisturized hair but the definition was NOT what I went to bed with. When used lightly, it works great! 
What I've realized is, since it absorbs quickly, it's very easy to think there isn't enough in your hair because you can't see it on your strands. Don't worry, it's there! Once the hair feels moisturized, no need to put more.

Oyin Handmade sells this at $12 for an 8oz, and I will definitely repurchase.  

Ohhh && it has a buttery cookie scent that I just loove. Those who know me well, know I have a thing for baked goods and ice cream, soo who wants to walk around smelling like cookies?? Umm, I do! :)

The Honey Hemp is primarily a rinse-out but works great as a leave-in as well. Preferably I leave this in and have noticed that I can even use this by itself on chill days. I can easily pull my freshly washed hair back in a pony puff with only this in it, and it maintains moisture and definition without frizzing into a messy puff (I think it's the honey). 

This is slightly thicker consistency than the Hair Dew but it just as lightweight when using and has good slip while using as a rinse-out. 
This costs $11 for an 8.4oz bottle and also has a nice sweet scent, not as great as a cookie, but I'm biased. hehe

The main difference between the two is that Honey Hemp contains glycerin, while Hair Dew does not. Because of this I only use Honey Hemp during optimal weather. Overall, I love them both because they're super moisturizing and absorb quickly without weighing down my hair. They do work differently considering their ingredients list but are both great leave-ins to have.

IF I had to choose one, which would absolutely suck, I suppose I would lean more to Hair Dew...IF I had to choose... 

Had to get the 32oz!



  1. nice review! You're turning into a product junkie, lol. Oh will you do a review of the BASK cocoa bark mask??


    1. Hey Shae! (sorry this got caught in spam) lol You already know :) And yes I will :)


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