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The day had finally come!! Fall was here and I'd been feening to change up my look since the summer! As much as I love my hair red, I hated how fast it faded. I would use the brightest shade of red I could find, only to have hair that looked dark red in the sun and black indoors as soon as the color faded out. Also, my layers had grown out significantly and I needed a shape up. Needless to say, it was time for a change!

The Cut
I was given the opportunity to get a complimentary hair cut by none other than the hair guru and co-owner of Deva Chan Salon, Denis DaSilva. The mastermind behind the Deva Chan Salon angle-balance cut & highlighting technique, better known as Pintura.
Overall, it was a great experience. Denis was very informative about the science behind hair care products, the importance of moisturizing our curls and the technique behind a curly cut.
As you will see in the pictures below, this cut requires shorter layers at the top. I personally loved my longer layers for those big fierce styles, but I do see the long term benefits of it being shaped this way. It creates an even-rounded shape that is nearly impossible to ever give you the triangular effect even when the hair grows out.

Pintura Highlights
My Pintura highlights were done by Deva Chan colorist, Christine, who I must say did a fabulous job! I knew I wanted highlights to hide the red but I didn't really have a vision in mind. I wanted something bold but low maintenance. Noticeable but sophisticated. "In style" but classic enough that I won't want to change it a month from now. (Yes I know! Who do I think I am?! lol Then again I've always been very picky.) Well! She exceeded my expectations!
The pintura technique consists of painting the hair free hand without the use of conventional foiling. By doing it this way, the colorist is allowed the opportunity to paint each individual curl. Doing it this way also gives the highlights a natural look which isn't as obvious when the hair grows out. The entire highlighting, washing, styling and drying process took about 5 hours, but it was well worth it.

Before - At Deva Chan Salon



Half done w/ Pintura Highlights
All Done!!


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