Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia, Hold It Hair & Butter Love

So I was walking through the natural hair aisle at my local Target and saw that they now carry the Karen's Body Beautiful line. I'd been curious to try these products for a while so I immediately picked up the gel and the hair butter to use with the leave-in I already had; then headed straight to the cash register. All 3 products are
in the Pomegranate Guava scent which smells amazing and the scent lasts for a while. The Sweet Ambrosia leave-in has a thin liquid consistency that smooths on to the hair very well.  For my wash & go's this doesn't have enough moisture on its own and because of its thin consistency, I usually feel like I need to use a lot more. I later learned that this product works best on damp or dry hair, so I will be trying it again on twist outs, since my wash & go's are usually on soaking wet hair. On the other hand, it works very well with the Hold it Hair gel and doesn't feel dried out.
After watching many vlog reviews on this gel, I was disappointed with the negative results everyone had. But I was impressed with the ingredients list so I decided to try it anyway and was very happy that I did. This gel has a nice consistency that makes the application very easy. After applying, I used my diffuser to dry my hair and was happy to see that there were no flakes as a few had mentioned. I will say there was a stiff product feel, which made me think that I may have used too much gel. There's no need to be heavy handed with this product, a little goes a long way. 

The Butter Love has a pomade consistency that begins to melt once rubbed between the palms of your hands. I love using it as a finisher once my hair is completely dry. Just a dime size adds moisture & shine.  The scent of this butter is amazing and lasts for a couple hours. I've been asked numerous times what I use in my hair simply because they could smell it while standing next to me and they wanted to go out and try it. Overall I'd recommend all three of these products. Together you will get great results. My wash and go lasted 4 days, and I had little to no frizz before washing it out. The definition was on point the entire time. One of my best wash & gos so far!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


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